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Life and works


Giovanna Grannò was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, on April 4, 1954. She lives and works in L’Aquila.


As a young girl she showed her talent for painting, obtaining awards in regional and national exhibitions.


In 1987 she began her solo exhibitions in Lo Scanno gallery, L’Aquila. In the 1990s her paintings were successful exposed in Rome, Rieti, Ascoli Piceno, Pordenone, Teramo, Udine, Chieti, San Benedetto del Tronto.


One of her paintings is in permanent exhibition in the Castle of L’Aquila, seat of the National Museum of Abruzzo. Other works are exposed in Avezzano, Roccaraso, Castel di Sangro galleries and in the seat of Regione Abruzzo.


She is a self-taught artist.


January 89
Staff. Gallery Lo Scanno, L'Aquila

August 89
Art today in the Angevin kingdom. Palazzo Maoli, Cittaducale

April 1990
Staff. Palace Priest. Castel di Sangro

July 1990
Museum Remo Brindisi. Lido di Spina

March 1991
Staff. Hall Council Chamber, Roccaraso

December 1991
Staff. Government House, Ascoli Piceno

February 1992
Staff. Galleria La Madia, L'Aquila

March 1993
Staff. Galleria De Magistris - Margutta, Rome

December 1993
Winner. Award Gringeri, S. Unless

March 1994
Staff. Palazzo dei Capitani, Ascoli Piceno

July 1994
Staff. Gallery Genus, S. Benedetto del Tronto

March 1997
Staff. Schenardi Hall, Viterbo

November 1997
Staff. Pro Loco - Avezzano

December 1997
Staff. Via Bominaco, 6 - L'Aquila

November 1998
Staff. Hall Schenardi - Viterbo

December 1998
Staff. Via Bominaco, 6 - L'Aquila

May 1999
Staff. Via Corradini - Avezzano

December 1999
Staff. Via Verdi - L'Aquila

December 2000
Staff. Via Patini, 7 - L'Aquila

May 2001
Staff. Via Corradini - Avezzano

August 2001
Staff. Via Bominaco - L'Aquila

December 2001
Staff. Via Patini 7 - L'Aquila

June 2002
Staff. Capistrello

April 2003
Staff. The Paint Gallery - L'Aquila

June 2003
Award Cupra - Cupra Marittima

June 2004
Staff. The Paint Gallery - L'Aquila

April 2005
Staff. Villa Picena - Colli del Tronto

June 2005
Staff. Hotel Marconi - San Benedetto del Tronto

August 2005
Staff. Luco dei Marsi

June 2006
Award Cupra 2006 - Cupra Marittima

August 7 to January 8
Staff. Hotel Sole - L'Aquila

October 2008
Staff. Circle Aquila - L'Aquila

June 2009
Award Cupra 2009 - Cupra Marittima

June 10
Award synaesthesia - L'Aquila

February 11
Art Lover Passion in Rome - Rome

October 11 
Il senso sospeso - Rome

October - November 12 
Staff. Hotel Dimora del baco - L'Aquila 

March April 13
Staff. Palazzina Azzurra - San Benedetto del Tronto

August 13

Staff. Comune di Tagliacozzo

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